Group Music Lessons

Music is personal and something we share with others. Traditional music lessons often focus only on solo playing in a one on one learning environment. I like to encourage students to play with others as one aspect of being a musician. Making music with others can be a rich and rewarding experience for everyone.

Benefits of Group Lessons

  • Get more enjoyment out of playing
  • Connect with others through your music
  • Learn to lead and follow other musicians
  • Develop a strong sense of beat and rhythm
Pair private lessons with occasional group lessons or invite a friend(s) and do weekly group music lessons together!

Choose your focus for your lessons

Choose one instrument or learn a variety!
  • Drums & Percussion (drumkit, pitched mallet percussion, auxiliary percussion, hand drums)
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Recorder

All lessons include musicianship training  (theory, history, music literacy, aural skills, improvisation & composition skills).

PLEASE NOTE: My schedule is currently full.

My approach

My number one priority in music lessons is enjoyment. Too often I hear stories from students’ parents about their tragic music lessons from childhoods past.¬† People share with me the rigidity of their lessons. How it was always a struggle to practice, and that they only played the teacher’s chosen style of music and never the music they wanted to play.¬† It was a copy and repeat approach where skills focused on were limited to reading and technique. These people often studied music for many years only to end up decades later without the ability to play their instruments. The sad result is people who lose interest in being musical and come to think that they are untalented, not musical people. Now, looking for lessons for your child, you are wanting something different.

My approach is student-centered, grounded in education, and full of fun! I help students from beginner to advanced to develop a diverse set of musical skills. Students learn to read music and play by ear making music exponentially more accessible than for someone who has only been taught one of these skills. We explore music in multiples genres knowing that not one style of music is superior to another. Students go away from their lessons feeling inspired and eager for more. Learning an instrument can be challenging work, just like developing any skill. When lessons are fun and inspiring playing at home becomes much more enjoyable. I strive to connect with my students and their families so that we can together foster a positive learning environment and nurture and ignite a student’s musical talents. Love music? Love making it.

Check out the EARLY CHILDHOOD page to learn about group lessons for children under 5.