Early Childhood

I have been a professional musician and teacher for the past 17 years. I have studied with many different teachers and focused on several different music disciplines. It was after completing my B.Mus that I began working and studying with Laura Hasthorpe, accomplished violist and Colourstrings Instructor. I had been a private music teacher for 5 years and was very intrigued by Laura’s early childhood music and movement program called Colourstrings. I now have 12 years experience teaching early childhood music education and am a certified Colourstrings Kindergarten Instructor.

What is Colourstrings?

Colourstrings Kindergarten classes are group music lessons for children ages 3 months to 6 years. Colourstrings is both a pedagogical approach to solo instrument training as well as an early childhood music & movement approach. Colourstrings was developed by two Hungarian brothers, Dr. Géza Szilvay and Csaba Szilvay and is based on the philosophies of three prolific music educators, Zoltán Kodály, Carl Orff, and Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, along with the Szilvay brothers’ own teachings. They revolutionized music education in Finland in the 1970’s and other countries have since been following suit. The Colourstrings approach is prominent throughout the UK and is present in their various school systems. Laura Hasthorpe brought Colourstrings to Vancouver BC in 2004 and since then parents, children, and music educators have been experiencing its incredible benefits.

What sets Colourstrings apart from other music & movement programs?
  • Colourstrings is grounded in both early childhood and music education philosophies and practices.
  • Children contribute to the classes by adding their own creative ideas, sharing in the story telling and imaginative play activities.
  • An holistic approach is used targeting a wealth of different musical skills including singing, instrument play, music literacy, improvisation, musical movement, and aural skills. Developing a well-rounded musical foundation greatly increases a person’s ability to be musically expressive.
  • Age appropriate materials engage children naturally. We are always moving!
  • Class time is 30-45 minutes tailored to the age of the children.
  • Class sizes are small so that each child is given individual attention and the opportunity for solo and ensemble musical activities.
  • Classes are fun, nurturing and grow a child’s love of music through play.
Enjoyment & Education are both valued and are not experienced at the expense of the other.

I currently offer Colourstrings Kindergarten classes at several daycares and preschools in the greater Victoria and Langford area. If you are interested in setting up music classes at your daycare or preschool please contact me through the mail icon on the contact page.